The Treatment Programme

Okonguarri Burn-Out Program

Okonguarri Psychotherapeutic Centre is launching a week long mindful, nature-based group programme focusing on the identification, treatment and prevention of burn-out. The group is led by professional therapists within a natural setting. The unique experience-based programme includes psychoeducation, relaxation techniques, nature-bound self-discovering activities and strategies in preventing burn-out altogether. In accordance with our concept to be closer to nature accommodation is facilitated in a comfortable tented camp.

The programme is aimed at corporates, entrepreneurs, professionals and any person with a high risk for burnout in their career.

Kindly contact us for upcoming intake dates and details regarding the program.

Therapeutic Community

A therapeutic community is a safe micro-cosmos (a small world within a big world), which includes all the basic elements of human existence. In this ’small world‘, individuals can experiment with new interaction styles to improve psychological functioning in the ’big world‘.

Current research has shown that people with personality disorders, such as anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress and substance abuse problems benefit greatly from treatment administered within the capsule of a therapeutic community. This is why Okonguarri is specifically located in seclusion, encouraging participants to partake in a more symbiotic relationship with others and nature.

The following are taught to participants in the therapeutic community:


Psychotherapy is an interpersonal, relational intervention used by trained psychotherapists to aid clients dealing with issues related to the problems of life. This usually includes increasing the individual's sense of wellbeing and reducing subjective discomforting experiences.

Psychotherapists employ a range of techniques based on experiential knowledge and building dialogue. This often includes behaviour changing skills, designed to improve the mental health of a patient, or to improve group relationships (such as in a family). Therapists working at the centre approach each case on merit and a strategic mode of treatment personalised to individual needs.

During their stay each patient is evaluated to enable the team to:

Upon admission, the patient is allocated to a psychotherapist who will be responsible for the treatment and feedback to other health professionals.

Patients receive regular psychotherapy sessions. At least once a week, psychotherapists present their cases during joint supervision to coordinate the treatment programme.

Psychopharmacological Treatment

Okonguarri acknowledges the importance of modern medicine in the treatment of psychological disorders. We are constantly in tune with the latest developments regarding psychotropic and other drug interventions. This service is rendered by Okonguarri's visiting medical practitioners (including a psychiatrist), the respective referring psychiatrists and our nursing staff.

Patients consult with the visiting medical practitioner once a week. Routine blood tests are done by PathCare.

Environmental / Group Therapy

One of the cornerstones of Okonguarri's philosophy regarding the treatment of mental ailments lies in the understanding of the natural ecosystems. We believe that if the complex interactions of all the elements of nature are understood by the participant, it will inevitably lead to a better understanding of one's own role within this system. This understanding will improve one's condition and help one to cope with future problems.

The group therapy principles of Yalom are broadly used by the therapists in collaboration with the environmental educationist. Upon admission, each patient is allocated to a group of a maximum of 12 participants. Group allocation is done in accordance to psychological evaluation.

During environmental therapy, intensive exposure to these principles are given by means of:

Family Therapy

Okonguarri also offers family & couple therapy. The latest addition to this treatment portfolio is the centre's association with the newly founded Institute for Couple and Family Therapy in Otjiwarongo.

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