The Facility and its Inhabitants


The Okonguarri Psychotherapeutic Centre is a fully certified mental health hospital, registered in terms of Section 31 of the Hospitals and Health Act 36 of 1994. Participants are housed in semi-private bungalows with en-suite facilities, with each bungalow accommodating a maximum of 3 participants.


The Okonguarri method of treatment works across all age groups. Although the majority of our participants are between the ages of 20 and 40, we have successfully treated patients from as young as 4 years. Elderly patients of up to 80 years and older have also been treated.


The majority of our patients are referred to Okonguarri by other health care professionals.

The duration of stay depends entirely on the specific condition of the patient, but normally ranges between one and three weeks.

A brief follow-up admission of a few days is usually advisable.

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