An environment free from outer disturbance lies at the heart of Okonguarri's vision of psychotherapy.

Ultimate growth can only be achieved through a balanced exposure to psychotherapeutic treatment within the tranquility of a natural environment. We personalise treatment sessions which also includes group therapy sessions according to the philosophy of Irwin Yalom.

Amongst others, the Okonguarri method of treatment has been particularly successful in treating depressive disorders, anxiety-related disorders, personality dysfunctions (psychosis), post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), stress management, somatoform disorders, substance-related disorders, and childhood-related disorders.

Message from the founder

Okonguarri is the realisation of a life-long dream. As a scholar of psychotherapy in the 70's and 80's, I was intrigued by the writings of R.D Laing who promoted the idea of non-institutionalised treatment for mental health.

My psychological training with challenged individuals and experience as a lecturer at tertiary level gave birth to the idea of establishing a therapeutic community free of traditional restrictions.

Traditionally, mental health institutions are overburdened with too many patients, resulting in a situation where staff can no longer cope. Individual care, personalized treatment and one-on-one attention are neglected.

The obvious solution to this was a unique and smaller, patient-friendly therapeutic environment, adaptable to the specific treatment needs of every individual.

My first encounter with Namibia and its incredible diversity, wide open spaces and unspoilt nature, came in 1984. As an avid nature lover and a firm believer in the healing properties of a natural environment, Okonguarri not only captured my adventurous spirit but also provided the ideal setting I had imagined my guests would benefit from, a space where they would be free to unwind from the stresses of normal life.

Needless to say, many hurdles have been overcome since the seeds of what is now Okonguarri were planted. Officially opened in 1997, we have grown and become respected in our quest to fill a specialised niche in psychotherapeutic care and rejuvenation.

I sincerely believe in the all-embracing experience of Okonguarri – the purity of nature and the nurturing care at Okonguarri have an incredible power to assist you or someone you care for to learn to deal with life and come out stronger than before.

Herman Raath

The Setting

Okonguarri was established in 1996 and caters for patients from the region and all corners of the globe.

Tucked away on a spectacular 5000 hectare area of pristine wilderness, our guests are treated to the beauty and purity of Africa in all its splendour.

Okonguarri's mystique is further enhanced by the magnificent rock formations unique to this corner of the world. With diverse free-roaming wildlife such as kudu, giraffe, eland and oryx, right through to mountain zebra and the elusive leopard, guests will certainly not be disappointed in the abundance of Namibia. Apart from the game, Okonguarri is also a bird-lover's paradise with an incredible variety of birds, including the rare Ruppel's parrot.

Our Mission, Vision & Values


To be the leading provider of unique psychotherapeutic services in Southern Africa


To provide ehtical, professional and comprehensive psychotherapy services, by a well qualified & multidisciplinary team, in the unique context of nature.
Our approach aims at restoring inner & outer harmony and balance.
We are committed to continuous and innovative professional improvement.


Integrity Dignity & Respect
Honesty Accountability
Teamwork Open Communication
Promoting the independence of humanity & nature

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